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About van nuys Health Center

Her smart choice Medical Center is here to help women are faced with important and sensitive decisions about their reproductive rights. We educate and support women and their loved ones during this time, ensuring that women are aware of each option available when thinking about reproductive decisions. This support and education extends to abortion services, family planning services, and crucial medical care.

Her Smart Choice Van Nuys Abortion Services

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it is very important to reach out support services as soon as possible.The decision to have an abortion is very personal, highly complex, and one that no one else (should or) can make for you. This includes medical assistance as well as emotional support services. Her smart choice Medical Center specializes in the provision of non- judgmental support, helping you regardless of your choice. In some cases, an otherwise planned and welcomed pregnancy may need to be terminated for health reasons, or because of non-viability. This can be devastating for families. What worse is that the decision sometimes needs to be made quickly. It is best to reach out an abortion clinic that offers counseling for everyone in the family. Discussing your needs with highly qualified medical staff can also be very helpful in circumstances like these. The available options become narrower after the second trimester, which is why it is important to seek out care as soon as possible. We Offer Both Medical and Surgical Abortions at our Location .

Her Smart Choice Van Nuys Family Planning Services

Decisions about your reproductive health should start before conception, which is why our compassionate staff members also provide women with access to family planning services. This gives you the power to make your own decisions about your reproductive health. Specialists educate patients about the available birth control options, their pros and cons, and helps women decide which is best given their unique needs and circumstances. There are numerous options available, including:

  • IUDs, Including Skyla and Naxplanon
  • Ortho Evra Patch
  • Nuvaring
  • Depo Provera
  • The Pill (Birth Control pills all combinations)
  • Condoms
  • Women’s Health

You can also find a range of women’s health services at Her smart choice Medical Center. We are happy to educate patients on breast cancer screenings, arrange for PAP smears, and help with additional cancer screening tools. Pregnancy tests, access to on-site and confidential sexually transmitted infection testing, and emergency contraception are also provided at our clinics.

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Her smart choice Medical Center was designed to help women with a variety of health issues. Our staff members can help with everything from pregnancy test to counseling, making sure that you are fully aware of all your options each step of the way .If you have questions about family planning, abortion services, or women’s counseling, or need more abortion information to make your decision, contact us Her smart choice Medical Center for help or to book an appointment. Empathetic and caring individuals can be reached by calling 818-423-5065, You can also make appointment online at www.hersmartchoice.com


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About Her Smart Choice Medical centers

Her smart choice Medical Center pride ourselves on providing a private, personal experience for each patient. Our Highy Trained Staff are extremely patient Friendly Your privacy and comfort is one of our top priorities for this reason we have minimal to no waiting times upon entering our facility. One of our patient advocates on staff will be assigned to you to guide you through all the details of the procedure and ensure your comfort at all times. Companions, partners or family member are welcome to stay with you throughout the duration of your visit

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